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SQUID: Shaft Quantitative Inspection Device

SQUID: Shaft Quantitative Inspection Device

Country of Origin:USA
Use:Assesses cleanliness and competency of the bottom of drilled shaft or bored piles

SQUID performs a quantitative assessment of the bottom surface. It measures both the thickness of soft material or debris
that might be covering the bearing strata and the strength of the bearing layer. It outputs strength versus penetration in numerical and graphical form.
An important part of bored pile construction is the cleaning and
inspection of the bottom of the hole prior to the placement of reinforcement and concrete. To achieve cleaning once drilling is complete, a cleanout bucket is typically used to remove any
material unsuitable for end bearing support. Bottom inspection
is then performed, often by lowering a camera down the bore hole, a procedure that gives a rough idea of the thickness of any
debris left at the bottom. SQUID provides an alternative, more
accurate inspection process; it takes accurate displacement
and penetrometer measurements, providing an objective, quantitative assessment.

The SQUID Measures:
• The independent displacement of 3 penetrometers into the soil
layer. The displacement measurement begins with the first
encounter of the debris layer. The thickness of the debris layer
at various locations on the borehole bottom.
• The SQUID measures the thickness of the debris layer at
various locations on the borehole bottom.
• Cone penetrometer bearing pressure. The 3 cone penetrometers
are of standard size (10 cm² area), allowing for a direct check
against design assumptions.
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